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Messed-up permissions in working copy after SVN upgrade with IDEA running as Administrator

This morning, I fucked up my SVN working copy while performing the following steps:

  1. Installed a new version of Intellij IDEA (upgrading from 11.0.1 to 11.1.1)
  2. Started the application directly from within the setup (“Run IDEA now”)
  3. Refreshed my incoming SVN changes
  4. Started upgrading my working copy

This is when IDEA crashed completely. I restarted it and it complained about a locked working copy and recommended an SVN cleanup.  However this did not work so I resorted to the command-line. Using Cygwin on Windows 7, I got the following output:

$ svn cleanup
 svn: Can't remove file 'eps/src/main/java/ch/company/product/module/server/assemblers/media/.svn/tmp/entries': Permission denied

When I looked at the mentioned directory, I saw that some of the subdirectories were owned by the Administrator user account. So of course I changed ownership of all the files in my trunk back to my proper user account by performing the following:

  1. Start a Cygwin console with administrative privileges
  2. Change to the root of the working copy
  3. Execute the following command
chown.exe -R c.meury .

This solved my problem. Moral of the story: The IDEA installer should not start the application with administrative privileges; this looks like a serious deficiency.